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Subaru EJ20 EJ205 EJ207 stroker kit with crankshaft

Stroker kit for Subaru EJ20 / EJ205 / EJ207. Increases displacement up to 2.1L with horsepower and torque gains.
By increasing displacement to 2.1 liters you have a larger and more efficient "air-pump" which will move significantly larger volumes of air. This decreases the amount of time required to spool up both smaller and larger turbo systems as well as increases torque and total power capability of the engine.

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Kit includes:

1. Genuine Subaru 79.00mm stroke crankshaft
2. FCP Engineering H-beam connecting rod kit
3. JE Pistons kit (Bore size 92.50mm or 93.00mm CR 8.5:1)
4. King Racing connecting rod bearing set
5. King Racing main bearing set

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Subaru EJ2.0/2.5 Head studs
Subaru 2.0 2.5 16V EJ20 EJ25 ARP cylinder head stud kit 260-4701
ARP is a manufacturer of fasteners/bolts found in engines and drivelines, ranging from OEM replacement parts to specialty hardware for racing applications. ARP is the world leader in fastener technology.
VW 1.8 16V KR PL 83.80mm bore
Subaru 2.0 EJ20 Athena Cooper Ring cylinder head gasket set 93.5x1.2mm 330041R

Athena Racing 330 series Cooper Ring cylinder head gasket set.
For specific high horsepower applications, engine performance can be significantly improved by using Athena Cooper Ring gaskets, that are supplied with INOX steel ring. This technology outperforms conventional fire ring solutions.
Cooper Rings are oversize (also fits for oversize bores).
Part number: 330041R (2 pcs.)
Gasket thickness: 1.20mm
Bore size: 93.50mm

Part number starting with 330

Athena advantages

Reinforced material

Asbestos free composite raw material OE approved

Stainless steel ring (AISI304)

Separate stainless steel rings assure maximum sealing around cylinder bore also on NOS and/or turbo charged engine where boost is over 2 bars. No head and block machining required

Silicon beading

Silicon-based beading is applied on critical areas to improve sealing around all cooling water and oil passages

VW 1.8 16V KR PL 83.80mm bore
Subaru WRX 2.0 EJ20 Athena MLS cylinder head gasket set 94x1.3mm 338001R

Athena Racing 338-series multilayer steel (MLS) cylinder head gasket set.
Athena MLS gaskets are designed to suit the requirements of today’s competition engines offering enhanced sealing compared to the OEM product. The gaskets are assembled from 2-5 layers of high quality stainless and spring steels.
Part number: 338001R (2 pcs.)
Gasket thickness: 1.30mm
Bore size: 94.00mm

Part number starting with 338

Athena advantages

Optimized radius embossing shape

The round shape of the embossing increases sealing on cylinder bore, oil and cooling water passages and improves spring back strength

Advanced stopper technology

State of the technology enhances sealing pressure around the cylinder. Highest sealing properties in high power engines

Coating technology

Designed & engineered by Athena the special coating applied on steel surfaces, improves temperature resistance & reliability of the head gasket