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Audi S4 / RS4 Sachs performance RCS200 Sinter 4-pad clutch kit

Part number FKSRS4/RCS200
Sachs Performance RCS200 clutch kit with FCP Engineering steel 60-2 flywheel
Audi S4, RS4 - 2.7 30V BiTurbo (AZB, AGB, AZR, ASJ)

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Single-mass flywheel made from Alloy steel (16MnCr5) with 60-2 counter designed to work with Sachs Performance RCS200 clutch kit.
Transmittable torque: up to 1300NM
Used with 01E gearbox

Flywheel weight - 8kg
Full kit weight - 12.5kg
Kit includes:
1X S4/RS4 60-2 Flywheel
1X Sachs RCS200 Sinter clutch cover
1X Sachs pressure plate
1X Sachs intermediate plate
2X Sachs 4-pad ceramic clutch discs (Friction material thickness - 7.8mm, Hub profile - 23x3.14 VAG (01E/02M/02Q))