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Audi S2 RS2 2.2T 20V 3B AAN FCP H-beam steel connecting rods 144mm

Part number FCPRHA14450620-5
FCP Engineering H-beam steel connecting rods 144mm
Audi 90, Coupe - 2.3 20V (7A)
200, S2, RS2, S4, S6 - 2.2 20V Turbo (3B, ABY, ADU, AAN)

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Product detailed specification

Manufacturer: FCP Engineering
Model: FCPRHA14450620-5
Profile: H-beam
C to C: 144mm
Big end diameter: 50.6mm
Pin diameter: 20mm
Quantity: 5 pcs., 10 pcs. ARP2000 3/8" bolts
Made of: forged steel 4340 EN24er
Advertised horsepower rating: 700HP (5 cylinder)
Advertised RPM rating: 9000RPM
Audi 90, Coupe - 2.3 20V (7A)
200, S2, RS2, S4, S6 - 2.2 20V Turbo (3B, ABY, ADU, AAN)

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Audi 2.2 2.3 20V 7A 3B AAN ACL Race connecting rod bearing kit 5B1606H-STD




Sizes STD, .025, .25, .50 STD
Oil Clearance Standard + 0.001" Extra
Half Type Identical Halves

Tri-metal Hardened steel backs

Min Std Shaft Size

1.8802" /47.758mm

Max Std Shaft Size

1.8810" /47.778mm

Min Std Tunnel Size

1.9921" /50.600mm

Max Std Tunnel Size

1.9929" /50.619mm

Max Wall at Crown

0.0553" / 1.405mm

0.0548" /1.392mm

Max Overall Length

0.748" / 19.00mm

Notes Bearing has 1.65mm oil hole at crown

(Top View) 


Engines Audi 2.2 2.3 20V (incl. Turbo) S2, RS2, 200, S4, S6. 3B, 7A, AAN, ADU, ABY.

Audi 2.2 20V turbo S2 / RS2 FCP forged piston kit
Audi 200 S2 RS2 S4 S6 2.2T 20V FCP forged pistons kit 82mm CR 8.5
Part number: FCPPA820085/5
Manufacturer: FCP Engineering
Forged high performance pistons for various applications in nearly all engine types for racing and street use.
Made of 4032-T6, piston skirt is molibden coated.
Each set of pistons also includes rings and HD series pins.
Bore size: 82.00mm
Compression ratio (CR): 8.5:1
Compression height: 33.00 mm
Pin diameter: 20mm
Stroke: 86.40mm
Audi 200, S2, RS2, S4, S6 - 2.2 2.5 20V Turbo

Audi S2 RS2 S4 S6 2.2 20V Turbo JE Pistons forged pistons CR 8.5 81.50mm 302229
Audi S2 RS2 S4 S6 2.2T 20V JE Pistons kit CR 8.5 81.50mm 302229

Product detailed specification

Bore size




JE Pistons compression ratio (CR)


OEM compression ratio (CR)


Dome volume (CC)


Compression height (CH)


Pin diameter



Accepts Turbo and Nitrous; FSR Series

Fits for

Audi RS2

JE's patented Perfect Skirt coating makes piston slap, false knock, and cold-start wear a thing of the past.
For the first time ever, 2618-alloy pistons can be installed with piston-to-wall clearances near that of an OEM piston!

Audi 2.2 20V S2 S4 RS2 200 Quattro 20V racing valve spring kit + titanium retainers
Audi S2 RS2 S4 S6 2.2 2.3 20V AAN ABY 3B 7A FCP racing valve spring and...
Valve springs data
Installed seat pressure - 38kg

Load - 100kg@12.5mm
Max. lift - up to 13mm
Made from chrome-silicon steel SAE9254-V
Outer spring outer diameter: 30.50mm
Outer spring inner diameter: 23.20mm
Inner spring outer diameter: 21.20mm
Inner spring inner diameter: 16.20mm

20 pcs. outer springs
20 pcs. inner springs
20 pcs. titanium retainers
Fits 5 cylinder 20V Audi engines 3B, AAN, ABY, ADU, RR, 7A.
With this set the risk of valve flutter and a possible engine failure is minimized.
Recommended for engines with series and racing camshafts and over 7600 RPM.
Titanium retainers are very strong and light, they help to eliminate valve float. Weight is only 10g.