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Mini Cooper S 1.6 16V N12B16A N14B16A FCP connecting rods 138.53mm

Product detailed specification

Manufacturer: FCP Engineering
Model: FCPRHMI138534820
Profile: H-beam
C to C: 138.53mm
Big end diameter: 48mm
Pin diameter: 20mm
Quantity: 4 pcs., 8 pcs. ARP2000 bolts
Made of: forged steel 4340 EN24er
Advertised horsepower rating: 600HP (4 cylinder)
Advertised RPM rating: 9000RPM
Fits for "Prince" engine:
Mini Cooper S - 1.6 16V (N12B16A, N14B16A)
Citroen, Peugeot - 1.6 16V

Permatex Ultra Slick assembly lubricant for engine bearings 118ml

Part number 81950
Permatex Ultra Slick assebly lubricant, lube oil for engine bearings.
Capacity 118 ml

Kolbenschmidt plain bearing measuring tape/plastic gauge 50009880

Part number 50009880.
Kolbenschmidt plain bearing measuring tape / plastic gauge kit (10 pcs.).
Measuring strips for the determination of bearing clearance for plain bearings

ARP connecting rod bolt stretch gauge 100-9942
This gauge has been developed to provide optimum accuracy in determining the correct pre-load in the installed rod bolt. The products main purpose is to obtain the proper torque load when installed in the engine, and monitoring the condition of the bolt while in use. This is particularly useful if an engine is internally monitored regularly.
ARP2000 replacement rod bolt 200-6209 (1 pc.)
ARP is a manufacturer of fasteners/bolts found in engines and drivelines, ranging from OEM replacement parts to specialty hardware for racing applications. ARP is the world leader in fastener technology.