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3.0 B58C30

BMW / Toyota Supra B58B30 / B58C30 FCP H-beam steel connecting rods 148mm
Product detailed specification

Manufacturer: FCP Engineering
Model: FCPRHBT14853622
Profile: H-beam
C to C: 148mm
Big end diameter: 53.6mm
Pin diameter: 22mm
Quantity: 6 pcs., 12 pcs. ARP2000 5/16" bolts
Made of: forged steel 4340 EN24er
Advertised horsepower rating: 1000HP (6 cylinder)
Advertised RPM rating: 9000RPM
BMW 340i / Z4 - 3.0 24V Turbo (B58B30)
Toyota Supra - 3.0 24V Turbo (B58C30)
BMW / Toyota 3.0 Turbo B58 Supertech valve spring kit SPRK-B58B
Springs data:
Seat pressure - 77lbs @ 40.10mm
Open (lift) pressure
- 180lbs @ 10mm

Spring coil bind - 27.00mm

Rate - 10.30lbs/mm

Max lift - 12.20mm

Outer spring outer diameter: 26.50mm

Outer spring inner diameter: 18.70mm

Inner spring outer diameter: 21.60mm

Inner spring inner diameter: 13.80mm

Set includes:
Dual springs: 24 pcs. SPR-FE20BE

Titanium retainers: 12 pcs. RET-BMB48/TE
and 12 pcs. RET-BMB48/TI