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Kolbenschmidt plain bearing measuring tape/plastic gauge 50009880

Part number 50009880.
Kolbenschmidt plain bearing measuring tape / plastic gauge kit (10 pcs.).
Measuring strips for the determination of bearing clearance for plain bearings

Permatex Ultra Slick assembly lubricant for engine bearings 118ml

Part number 81950
Permatex Ultra Slick assebly lubricant, lube oil for engine bearings.
Capacity 118 ml

Red Line assebly lube for engine bearings 114g
Red Line assembly lubricant, lube oil for engine bearings
Capacity 114g
Mini 1.6 16V W11B16 King Racing connecting rod bearings CR4600XP-STD
Pairs & PN
1013.jpg 1013.jpg
C4600-PR C4600-PR
Quantity  4
Crankshaft  46.007 / 45.992
Housing  48.999 / 49.019
Max Wall  1.488
Max Length  17.351
Engines Mini 1.6 16V (W11B16)